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In Preparation For IndieGogo

As part of the preparation for the IndieGogo campaign, the team shot a short video explaining the story of the film and our goals for the campaign. The greatest challenge of putting together a video of this sort is probably condensing the entirety of the grand story of this documentary into a brief yet compelling pitch. Maggie and Rick are so passionate about the subject matter of the film and the stories of their interview subjects that they could easily speak at length on any one aspect of the film. Ultimately, they both did a great job in conveying the most essential elements of the story in a way that should get viewers excited to see the film.

From a technical standpoint, the shoot was relatively simple. We reserved space in American University's Media Production Center Studio which is a great location for this kind of shoot. The studio provided us with a simple, yet visually pleasing backdrop that wouldn't distract from Maggie and Rick as they spoke.

The very talented Vanina Harel served as the director of the shoot and was able to work with Maggie to achieve the desired look for the video. I assisted with the lighting setup and worked with the sound equipment to make sure the audio was recorded clearly. Samantha Tinsley also was a big help in getting the equipment set up and taking great behind the scenes photos. On the whole, I'd say the shoot was very successful and I was quite proud of what we were able to achieve in a relatively short amount of time.

-Michael Henry