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Campaign UPDATE!

WOW! Your support has helped us reach over $12,000 dollars in 9 DAYS! We’re nearly halfway there. Please help us keep going!

For those who have just started following our campaign or are not on social media, here is what has been happening on our Facebook page and Twitter:

We post important facts about the death penalty every week in great graphics designed by our graduate assistant Jessica Moreno. Below is one of them: 

We provide sneak peaks into the three stories we will be telling in the film. The highlights from the past two weeks are:


We follow Karen as she struggles to come to terms with how her life has changed and how the Boston marathon bomber should pay for what he did. Karen says, "I don't know what justice is. You know it's easy to say that word, I want justice. It's different for different people."

In the Executioner's Shadow is a catalyst for real debate about justice and what it means for all of us.


In the Executioner's Shadow reveals a point of view rarely heard before: that of the executioner.

Jerry: "Well when I accepted the position to be executioner, I was totally for the death penalty. I was... My thing is, that if a person takes the life of another person, then that person's life should be taken. That's what I believed."

We also share special behind-the-scenes previews how what we have been filming: 

Maggie, Rick, and production assistants from American University's Film and Media Arts, set up for an interview with Vicki and Syl Scheiber at their home. To learn more about the Scheibers, go to:

And for further insights into this topic and what it takes to make this important film happen, check out our blog at where Maggie, Rick, and graduate assistants talk about why they are making this film and how it feels to meet with an executioner for the first time.

Thank you again for all your support so far, we hope you keep sharing the link to our campaign so we can get raise the funds we need to finish filming. We are so close!